Sport for All Association of the Ilfov County is affiliated to the Romanian Sport for All Federation. The Association is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, registered on April 16, 2002. Sport for All’ Association of the Ilfov County has the following areas of expertise: Organizing specific events by cooperating with other county organizations for youth and sports, foundation and clubs (Ecologie-Sport-Tourism’ Association, Youth Foundation of Bucharest, the school sports associations and clubs, Ilfov County Department for Sport). 
Some examples: Pro Nature expedition, Challenge Day, The Week Sport for All, Multisport, The County Championship Hiking for High schools, Fun Sport Clubs.
Keeping the village traditional games and manifestation alive, by involving the youth; Maintaining a good relationship among the ethnic Romanian groups; Getting the teenagers to engage in physical activities and sports competitions constantly; Using sport to educate and integrate the underpriviledged in society.
The General Assembly consists of 20 members: 14 entertainers, trainers and instructors sport for all and 6 sport for all clubs and associations (local). The activities are coordinated by 5 organizing committees. The Association has 1 employee and 30 volunteering members. During the last year over 30 volunteering members were involved in more than 20 leisure/sports activities. The Association participated as a partner of the Ecologie-Sport-Tourism Association in two projects A.R.I.E.S. project and S.C.A.I. project.

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