National Roma center (NRC) Saint George Association was founded on March 9, 2003, in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. NRC ‘Saint George’ is a non-profit organization working for the development of the Roma community in Bulgaria. The long-term strategic goal of the National Roma Center is to win recognition as a national institution of the Roma community working for the emancipation and actual equal representation of Roma people in the Bulgarian society. The organization works in the following main program directions for achieving its long-term goals: Assisting the mobilization of the internal potential of Roma people and involving the necessary expertise for the equal participation of the Roma community in the development and implementation of policies targeted to Roma community development; Helping to improve the living standard of Roma people through the encouragement of business activities and entrepreneurship among the Roma community; Assisting the raising of educational levels among the Roma people; Helping the process of development of Roma culture through the establishment and winning of recognition as a cultural center of Roma intellectuals; Increasing the opportunities for equal access to social assistance services for Roma families in vulnerable social status; Assisting the overcoming of prejudices among the majority towards Roma community and gaining public support for the in Municipal Development Program of Sofia city. The programs directions of the National Roma Center are a basic element of the activities and initiatives under the Municipal program for the Roma Community Development in Sofia (MPRCDS), which is a specific step toward the realization of the National Framework Program at the local level. Currently the team of NRC ‘St. George’ consists of 6 people: Executive Director, 4 Program Directors, and Accountant.

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