ISCA Copenhagen, Denmark, The International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) was founded in 1995. Its headquarters are in Copenhagen, Denmark. ISCA is an organization bringing together sport, culture and youth organisations from across the globe. ISCA believes that international activities such as festivals, exchanges and sports tournaments are an unrivalled means of creating international understanding, and that everyone should be given the chance to participate. As stated in its statutes, ISCA aims to: Promote an understanding between people across borders through sports and cultural activities; Stress the view of sport as a bearer of local, regional or national cultural identity and so placing it in the centre of international exchanges of ideas, views and cultural expressions; Encourage the broadest possible participation in sporting and cultural activities among all affiliated members.
To achieve this, ISCA works to: Organize international exchanges, festivals, seminars, training courses, conferences, etc.; Discuss, define and influence sports and cultural policies; Create or stimulate events and experiences for ordinary members belonging to ISCA organizations; Promote and prioritize voluntary engagement and active citizenship in sport for all organizations; Develop and establish international non-formal leadership education programs; Use sport and cultural activities as a tool for social integration of young people. ISCA is open to youth, sports and culture associations from all over the world. Today, the organization has more than 130 affiliated member organizations (primarily non-governmental) in four continents and more than 22 million individual members. The association is governed by an executive committee of seven elected members and is steered by continental and technical committees. ISCA allies consist of national and international bodies with whom it has working relations, mutual support via memoranda of understanding or financial support via grant contracts. Allies of ISCA include: UNESCO, UNEP, SANCO, European Youth Foundation, Confederation Europenne Sport Santé and many others.

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